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9 stationery formaldehyde exceeding standard merchants: will be cleared as soon as possible
The State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection (AQSIQ) recently released the results of the national supervision and spot checks on the quality of student products. Nine kinds of free formaldehyde products exceed the standard, which may endanger the health of students who use them. Yesterday, the reporter made a survey of some primary and secondary schools in Wuhan, and found that a few stationery stores in our city are selling such student supplies. The merchant said, "We will eliminate these unqualified products as soon as possible."
After the festival, the school began to teach stationery "luxurious" reminder: choose stationery to light "practical"
After the Spring Festival, elementary and middle school students are about to say goodbye to their happy winter vacation life and usher in a new term. Many students and parents are also preparing to buy some crayons, watercolor pens and other stationery before the start of school.
Stationery "toy" and "upscale" deserve attention
Less than two weeks before the start of school this autumn, stationery stores and supermarkets with stationery counters have witnessed a boom in stationery purchases. Some businesses have launched a special exhibition of "Stationery Fever in the New Term Learning Season". Salesmen told reporters that the sales of these astronomical instruments increased by at least 50% compared with usual. In this "stationery craze", the tendency of "toy" and "upscale" stationery deserves attention.
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