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In autumn 2010, the market of student supplies was booming

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What is the market situation in the fall of 2010? Shanghai's Century Lianhua, Carrefour, Lotus, Darunfa, Oshan, Wal-Mart, Tesco, New World Department Stores and other supermarkets, only to see many shopping malls set up special counters for student supplies, stationery shopping crowds shoulder to shoulder, the front of the cashier line up a long, hot scene.
1. Adequate supply and prosperous purchasing and selling
The autumn school flood season is the golden season for the sale of student supplies. Major supermarkets and markets seize this opportunity to set up special cabinets to display pen bags, schoolbags, plastic stationery boxes, metal stationery boxes, ballpoint pens, neutral pens, pencil sharpeners, pencil sharpeners, plastic pencil erasers, correction tapes, oil sticks, glue, rulers, compasses, art knives, student scissors, bookcases, and so on. Student stationery such as bookshelf, electronic stationery and combination stationery.
The salesman reflected that the stock of hot-selling varieties had been fully prepared and could be replenished to suppliers at any time.
Every autumn, the school welcomes new students of all grades. Students need to prepare a large number of school supplies, junior students under the leadership of their parents to buy stationery, as a counselor for their children; older students, invite friends to come to shopping malls, choose their favorite stationery, they are willing to spend money when buying; some of them choose high-end, beautiful stationery as gifts when visiting relatives and friends, to give children...
A variety of new products attract children and the stationery market is booming.
Students have the habit of book-wrapping, which marks the beginning of the new semester. Students enjoy the pleasure of learning through book-wrapping. This year, the new plastic "book case" which came into being at the right time is very popular. The author witnessed the lively scene of students competing to buy it in the shopping mall. Many students have purchased more than 10 book sets, not only for textbooks, but also for exercise books.
Pencil sharpener is a traditional tool for pencil sharpening. Many cartoon-shaped and lifelike pencil sharpeners attract students'interest in buying, and some are also used for collection.
There are more and more shapes of pen sharpeners. The new cartoon-shaped pen sharpener, with bright color shakes, is very attractive, attracting students to buy out of their wallets.
Pen is a necessary stationery for students. The author seldom buys a single pencil or ink pen in the market. They often buy more than one pencil. In order to adapt to the market, the manufacturer has launched six, ten and other packages.
With the increase of students'textbook weight, more and more kinds of schoolbags are available. Pull-rod schoolbags, backrest schoolbags, shoulder schoolbags, large size schoolbags and schoolbags endowed with health elements are welcomed by parents and children.
Gift combination stationery is still "beloved". Consumers who visit relatives and friends regard her as a gift, which is beautiful and popular with friends. There are many styles of combined stationery. In the beautifully decorated gift box, stationery box, pen bag, pen, pencil sharpener, pencil eraser, solid glue, electronic stationery, ruler, compass and other student stationery are arranged respectively.
A set of rulers consisting of compasses and rulers, erasers and pencil sharpeners is very popular among students.
Student stationery has entered the e-era. Learning machines, electronic dictionaries, MP4, reading machines, electronic vocal maps and other digital learning supplies are also very popular.
2. Students prefer brand goods
When buying stationery, students attach importance to the brand of goods. When the author understands to them why to choose brand goods and how to know the brand, they reflect that they should choose the brand because the brand goods are new in color and good in quality; the brand goods meet the safety and hygiene indicators of students'stationery, so they can use rest assured. Students'perception of brand comes from their previous experience, the recommendation of classmates and friends, and the advertisement.
In recent years, Chinese students'stationery industry has emerged a batch of "Watermelon Taro", "Deli", "UNE Alliance", "Aihua", "Unity", "True Colour", "Zhigao", "Pine Crane", "Sanmu", "Broad-minded", "Intelligence", "Little Genius", "Xingwei", "K Brand", "Apple Bear", "Hero" and "Cool Dog" (ranked in no order). Favorite brands by consumers, these brand goods are respected and loved by the majority of students.