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After the festival, the school began to teach stationery "luxurious" reminder: choose stationery to light "practical"

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After the Spring Festival, elementary and middle school students are about to say goodbye to their happy winter vacation life and usher in a new term. Many students and parents are also preparing to buy some crayons, watercolor pens and other stationery before the start of school.
In many shopping malls and supermarkets in Shencheng, "School begins..." Large promotional banners have been hung high. More and more parents are taking their children to buy stationery. This year, luxurious stationery of all shapes and sizes has attracted a lot of pleasure.
Witnessing students'preference for "fun money"
Bookbags need pull rods, books need Mickey Mouse, even the design of the book cover should have a special brand... On February 23, the reporter saw at some stationery booths in supermarkets that students with New Year's money and pocket money piled up in a variety of pens, books, paper bags, pencil bags and other stationery, carefully selected. A female student told reporters that new stationery should be replaced naturally after the start of school, and new styles and styles should be created. Wen, who is choosing schoolbags with her daughter, complains: "In the past two years, every time a child comes to the new semester, he only needs to change pens, books, bookbags and other small stationery. Now, after a semester of backpacking, the children are clamoring for new ones, not to mention stationery boxes and pen bags. In addition, after the third grade, the students have a better understanding of the brand. They need Mickey and Pleasant Sheep. Snow White is just the same. They can't even look at the blue cat pattern. A supermarket trip down to buy Stationery alone has spent more than 300 years.
In the crowd of students, the reporter found a middle-aged woman who was choosing a pencil bag. She said she was "buying" for her daughter in the second year of junior middle school. She spent 23 yuan on a bag of paper and pencil bags for her children. She told reporters that her stationery products should be more economical and affordable.
According to the industry, the Spring Festival opens to promote "luxury" of stationery
For the trend of high-grade and luxurious stationery, some parents think that it is difficult to increase the use function of high-grade stationery. Pencils, even made of perfume, are used for writing; rulers, even made of gold, can only be measured by lines; pencil boxes for tens of yuan are used for pens, rulers and erasers.
Hong Ye, manager of Le Mei Stationery Northeast District, believes that compared with the past stationery manufacturers, the main reason for playing luxury brand this year is that the Spring Festival is relatively close to the start of school, and stationery should naturally be added to the ranks of the gift market. The bags and gift boxes that cost hundreds of yuan have become a tool for some parents to move around. In addition, the pursuit of high-end stationery by students and parents has also become a new driving force for manufacturers to push out the old. The growth rate of luxury packaged stationery has been close to 30% since the beginning of the festival.
Educational experts choose stationery not to be flashy or luxurious
"It is a waste for students to blindly pursue high-grade fashion stationery and frequently change school supplies." Relevant educators believe that parents should not attach importance to form when choosing stationery for their children. The key is whether they can use it or not, and whether they are necessities.
Qi Dongxin, a teacher at No. 116 Middle School in Huanggu District, believes that the more junior students are, the more parents should use snacks in choosing stationery. In a 40-minute classroom, children who could not sit still would wander around. With this "multi-functional" fancy stationery, children's attention would be more easily distracted and the effect of listening would be affected. In addition, parents should also consider that buying luxury stationery for their children, so that they can develop the bad habit of luxury, is not conducive to the cultivation of the whole life values, but also stimulates the class some children can not afford luxury stationery self-esteem.
Introduction to Selecting Stationery
The aroma components in stationery often contain methanol or other harmful substances, so try not to buy aromatic stationery.
Correction fluid also contains substances harmful to human health, long-term use will affect the body.
Rule, buy steel is better, economic and durable, not easy to break.
When choosing a pen, the pen should not be too thin, especially for children, which is not easy to master.
Special white homework should not be selected to prevent excessive fluorescent agent added to the paper from affecting children.
Notes on Purchasing Crayons and Watercolor Pens
It is reported that lead is a soft heavy metal and is often used as a pigment. If children use inferior crayons and watercolor pens with excessive lead content for a long time, it will lead to children's lead poisoning, which will cause serious harm to children's health. Reminds the broad masses of students and parents in the purchase, use crayons, watercolor pens should pay attention to the following points:
As far as possible, we should choose products produced by well-known domestic brand manufacturers in regular shopping malls and stores. We should not buy products from stalls or informal channels.
Generally, the labels of qualified products are printed clearly, and the labels of production date or batch number, product standard number, production address, contact mode and warning terms are complete and obvious, while the labels of inferior products are often vague and incomplete due to cost and technical constraints.
When buying, you should open the smell of smell, many inferior products have obvious pungent odour, or to add a large amount of inferior flavor to cover up the pungent smell and cause the unusual strong fragrance.
In addition, when children use painting products, parents should remind them not to tear off the paper skin of crayons and draw directly with sticks; do not bite or suck the pen sticks and fingers; after using crayons and watercolor pens, they should wash their hands in time to avoid eating lead into their stomach.