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Breakthrough in Low Carbon Industry of Earth Guardian Stone Paper

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On the 26th, the students of Beijing Shijia Primary School got a brand-new exercise book. They were surprised to find that this kind of exercise book not only writes better than the ordinary one, but also is waterproof and curly-resistant, which is made of new material stone paper.
With the strong support of the relevant ministries and commissions of the state, the "New Technologies News Release of Earth Guard Stone Paper" sponsored by the China Environmental Protection Federation, the Leading Group of Environmental and Health Propaganda of China, the Committee of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of the Communist Party of China, the People's Government of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, the Earth Guard (Dalian) Stone Paper Technology Co., Ltd., and Wang Tsinghua Stone The meeting was held at the Information Center of the State Council on January 26, 2010. Zhou Tienong, Vice Chairman of the National People's Congress, attended the conference and made a speech. The leaders of the National People's Congress, the CPPCC and other ministries and commissions also attended the conference.


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Stone Paper, Domestic Leading World Advanced Paper Technology
The new technology of stone paper is a new reversible recycling technology, which is made of calcium carbonate, the most abundant mineral resource in the earth's crust, macromolecule materials and inorganic substances as auxiliary materials, using the principle of macromolecule interface chemistry and filling modification technology, and processed by special technology. It has the characteristics of modern technology. The birth of this technology not only solves the environmental hazards caused by traditional paper-making pollution, but also solves the white pollution caused by the use of a large number of plastic packaging and the waste of a large number of petroleum resources.
Reporters at the exhibition site saw that Stone paper is more resilient than ordinary paper, not easy to tear, can write, and waterproof and oil-proof. It is understood that Stone paper is widely used in garbage bags, shopping bags, food bags, etc. It can also be used in cultural paper, such as printing paper, writing paper, etc. It can also be used in building materials decoration, industrial packaging and other fields, and even in special paper, such as field work paper, military special paper, etc. It can be said that the application field is very wide.
The cost of stone paper products is 20% to 30% lower than that of alternative products. It is reported that some stone paper products of the "Earth Guard" brand will be first used by the National People's Congress and the CPPCC's "two sessions" in 2010, and some document bags, notes and other products using stone paper as raw materials will be adopted at the two sessions this year.
At the meeting, the Earth Guardian Stone Paper Technology Co., Ltd. donated a green bookshelf to Beijing Shijia Primary School. They promised that each green bookshelf will be equipped with new contents of environmental protection stone paper exercise books. The head of the green bookshelf also said that he would consider using stone paper to print environmental protection books in the newly published green bookshelf books.
Stone paper is of great economic and social significance.
Traditional paper-making technology needs to cut down a lot of wood and use a lot of water, discharging sewage and toxic and harmful substances in the production process, which has caused serious harm to the environment and human health. Earth Guardian Stone paper technology does not need water in the whole production process, and does not need to add strong acid, alkali, bleaching powder and many organic chlorides. Compared with traditional papermaking process, it eliminates several important pollution links such as cooking, washing and bleaching, and fundamentally eliminates the pollution problems caused by "three wastes" in papermaking process.
Earth Guardian Stone Paper Technology is the most abundant mineral resource in the earth's crust, calcium carbonate as the main raw material, products discarded or burned can be degraded into powder, reducing the land, will not cause any environmental pollution.
Earth Guardian Stone Paper plans to produce 5.4 million tons a year, saving 8.64 million cubic metres of wood per year compared with the same traditional paper, equivalent to cutting 1016 square kilometres of forest and saving 1.89 billion degrees of electricity.
The overall plan of the Earth Guardian has a total investment of 13.875 billion yuan and plans to build 20 production bases in 5-8 years. By October 2009, the project has built three production bases in Wangqing, Kuandian and Huadian.