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New ideas - beauty for post-it note purposes

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The boss gave $three hundred budget results this elder brothers to the office Reddit a net friend Ben Brucker poking fun at his office environment is too dull or boring, although the office with a professional image, or to maintain, but also not be boring to kill people!

The metope of this dull, feeling to see for a long time will fall asleep! So Ben will apply to the boss for office environment, in order to encouraging work morale, the boss agreed, but given that is rented a house, without the consent of the landlord, nor complex decoration, so the boss gave him three hundred dollars, let him get a lane, casually hang stippling what!

Holiday, Ben and his colleagues to begin with, the casing outside the boundary with tape first, next, post-it notes began to come in handy...

Gradually, design starts to take shape!

Everybody discussion said want to bring some fun, so a superhero ideas and immediately got everyone's identity, recognition degree is high, easy to copy, and bring everyone together to save the world sense of mission, isn't that great? One post-it note so polite to affix, don't need a special artistic talent can also be involved in production, full of a sense of achievement!

Now the whole office looks full of vitality, harm progress you also want to work here!

Such a small act can play such a big role, this idea is good?

Friend, if you are interested in DIY can refer to his design oh, used to decorate children room also is pretty good! (note: the height of the graphics are 34 a post-it note) Like, you can point a thumbs up!