Packaging and printing

Packaging printing is the printing of various packaging materials as the carrier, printing decorative patterns, patterns or words on the package, in order to make the product more attractive or more illustrative, so as to play the role of transmitting information and increasing sales. Including packaging cartons, packaging bottles, packaging cans and other printing. Packaging printing occupies a large proportion in the printing industry and packaging industry, is an indispensable part of packaging engineering. There are relief printing, plate printing, gravure printing, screen printing, hole plate printing and other printing methods. The main elements of printing are paper, ink, color and so on. Packaging printing needs to take into account the problems of economy and environmental protection, and at the same time, it needs to be able to express the information to be printed completely and well.

How long can vacuum-packed cooked food last

Vacuum packed cooked food has a good preservation effect, usually can be saved for about half a month, but in the hot environment in summer, up to a week, need to be put in the refrigerator, if the vacuum packed sausage, ham, bacon and other cooked food, about a year can be saved, or even longer.

The difference between heat shrink packaging and vacuum packaging

In fact, the difference between heat shrink packaging and vacuum packaging bags is mainly reflected in the application range of the product. Heat shrink packaging is mainly used for products that need to be coated with moisture. The vacuum packaging is mainly applied to foods that need to "inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, avoid oxidation, mildew and spoilage of goods".

Six advantages of vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging is a very popular form of packaging nowadays. The air in the container is extracted to maintain a predetermined vacuum state, which can save space and is easy to carry. Due to its own characteristics, vacuum packaging bags are also widely used in the market. Vacuum packaging bags are used in many industries such as the food industry, medical supplies industry, and electronic products.
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