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This company was set up in 2007,is a special manufacturer for “restickable self-adhesion note paper”,has maken efforts in its research and development., record paste.Annual output comes up to more than 25,000,000 books of various record pastes,in which 60% is exported far to America,france, Japan, south Africa and etc; 40% is supplied for domestic market to satisfy constant demands at home. This company has developed and researched “restripping” self-adhesive series material,which fills in gaps of this self-adhesive series material,which fills in gaps of this self-adhesive product at home.Can be applied to make various advertising paper,trademark,label and etc; when stripping, don’t stay any marks or cannot cause environmental pollution; be really a green self-adhesive material. We will work hard on basis of “all for the consumers”,so our brand is known to every household and out products sell well all over the world.