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The meaning of Guangda Heyi:
Guangda: Glorious and Grand, referring to the constant development, improvement and perfection of good things, and indicating unlimited vigor and enthusiasm.
Heyi: Harmonious and United, indicating to the extremely honest, kind, gracious and genuine state.
Guangda implies bold and unconstrained, while Heyi indicates humble and reserved, and Guangda Heyi is the perfect combination of masculinity and femininity, therefore is a symbol of the company's flourishing future and the constant pursuit of truth, kindness and beauty.
Vision: First-class Enterprise, Create First-class Brand, Produce First-class Products.
Core Values: Responsibility, Sharing, Respect, Gratitude
Business Philosophy: Quality First, Credit Supreme
Product Positioning: Technology, Humanity, Eco-friendliness, Fashion
Service Tenet: Think what the consumers think
Team Spirit: “United, Cooperative, Responsible, Unshakable
Quality Concept: Details determine product quality
Innovative ideas: Learn from successful people.
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