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Relocation in different places

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On July 28, 2009, after two years of preparation, Zhejiang Everbright Stationery Co., Ltd. moved from Wenzhou to Jiaxing. The new site is adjacent to Shanghai, only 2 kilometers to Shanghai, 100 kilometers to Hangzhou and 200 kilometers to Ningbo. Four international airports can be reached in one hour. The company is 2 kilometers away from Shenjiahu Expressway, 5 kilometers away from National Highway, 15 kilometers away from Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway and 4 kilometers away from Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, which will be completed soon.
The new plant covers an area of 25 mu, and the current phase 1 project is 15,000 square meters. It has many buildings, such as office, workshop, warehouse, canteen, dormitory, staff activity room and so on. The office area, production area and living area are strictly separated.