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Stationery "toy" and "upscale" deserve attention

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Less than two weeks before the start of school this autumn, stationery stores and supermarkets with stationery counters have witnessed a boom in stationery purchases. Some businesses have launched a special exhibition of "Stationery Fever in the New Term Learning Season". Salesmen told reporters that the sales of these astronomical instruments increased by at least 50% compared with usual. In this "stationery craze", the tendency of "toy" and "upscale" stationery deserves attention.
The pencil sharpeners of tank-shaped, twisted bears, lucrative cats, Vintage cars, apples, pen caps with various expressions of joy and sorrow, rubber in the shapes of high heels, lipstick, bananas, hamburgers, and correction tapes with Avatar and Happy Farm patterns, stationery boxes with musical distortion, etc., are the scene seen by reporters in the stationery market.
A person who has long been concerned about stationery frankly said that stationery "toy" has gradually become a trend in recent years, many manufacturers in the development of stationery toy functions to meet the needs of children. With the toy function, the added value is bigger, the market is better, and the profit of the manufacturer is naturally more abundant.
The toy of stationery has brought pleasure to primary and secondary school students, but many parents and teachers are worried about it. Yan Weiyi, the principal of the elementary school affiliated to East China Normal University, believes that stationery is stationery, and excessive toying is the dominant factor.
Stationery has become a toy, which is not conducive to classroom learning. Luwan No. 1 Central Primary School prepared a special "gift" for freshmen this year. In a simple schoolbag, some stationery, small pencil bags, 10 HB pencils, pads, erasers and rulers were put in it. "They are the most common and cheap. If the students are used up or lost, parents are expected to configure the stationery according to this standard, so as to avoid the students'lack of concentration because of the fancy stationery. Wu Rongjin, the principal of the school, said, "To send these most common stationery is intended to play a demonstration role and return to the origin of stationery."
Although stationery is becoming more and more interesting and expensive, students do not cherish it more. A survey of Zhangjiang Central Primary School in Pudong New Area shows that 53.8% of students often lose their school supplies. Many teachers find that many students can't return pencils and erasers to pencil boxes in time when they finish their homework. They often throw their legs on the desk and run. When they use them, they don't know where the stationery rolls down. Many classes'lost and found dozens of pencils and erasers every week. Strangely enough, almost no one has ever claimed them.